Trakke Christmas Gift Guide

Trakke Christmas Gift Guide

Trakke Christmas Gift Guide
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We all want to make an impression with our Christmas Gifts. The trouble is, some people are tough to buy for. That’s why we’ve pulled our favourite products together in this years Christmas Gift Guide.

Our bags are built for everyday use – and what’s more, they wear in, not out. So while that iPhone might break in a year, and those socks will develop a hole in no time, our bags will still be doing the heavy lifting next christmas, and the christmas after, and the christmas after, and the christmas after that…

You get the picture.

Find the ideal bag for the adventurer in your life:


The Everyday Adventurer is the tree climber, wanderer, the one who takes the route less travelled. They’re the forager, curious for what’s around the next bend, eager to explore their surrounds. Light and lithe on their feet they’re not bogged down by excessive gear.


The Fingal pack is perfect for a day trip into the wild. Enough space to pack an extra layer, water bottle and a bit of food, it’s versatility is clear. Whether roaming new shores or traversing higher ground this pack will have them sorted.



The Assynt 12 is the smallest in the Assynt range but at 12 litres capacity, it carries daily essentials with ease. The molle webbing attachments let your adventurer clip extra kit to the outside for quicker access or extra space.



You may not see The Expeditionist for days at a time. When the weekend arrives they’re away up a mountain or crag somewhere looking for new summits and wide vistas. They’re never happier than when tucked up in a cosy bothy or pitching the perfect camp. Tramping for hours at a time they need hard wearing, heavy duty kit to carry their adventure essentials.


The Assynt 28 is perfect for those undertakings. Coming in at 28 litres this is our largest backpack and it’s ready for a lifetime of use and abuse on the hill. Add a Padded Waistbelt and Laggan for the ultimate set up.



The Assynt 17 is better for lighter loads whilst still allowing versatility and is ideal for transitioning from work to play.



Whether it’s working from inner city cafes, traversing the urban landscape or finding hidden gems in the farthest reaches of the concrete jungle, the Urban Explorer is perpetually on the go. Their tech always to hand, they move fast and get stuff done.


With its exterior access laptop sleeve, the Cuillin is ideal for those combining work with play. It’s 15 litre capacity gives them space to pack cameras, layers and day to day essentials ready for a full day in the city.



With space for a 13″ laptop, the Bairn Mk2 is the perfect, petite pack. Imagine 3 wine bottles side by side, that’s the Bairns capacity. Not too big, and not too small. This is the bag of choice for day to day city errands.



The Globetrotter can never be pinned down for long. Always off on a far-flung trip to obscure lands, these modern pilgrims can’t get enough of the unknown.


Taking flight after flight requires sturdy kit. The Droma 42 is our go-to bag for trips abroad. It’s handy pocketing and 42 litre capacity allows for perfect packing prowess. Add a Foulden Set to take their packing potential to the next level. The Droma 22 has all the same features but sized for packing light.



These guys are lost without their trusty steed. The City Racer feels alive when racing for traffic lights, bunny-hopping kerbs and perfecting their shortcuts through the city. Fast and ready for anything, these speedsters need a secure pack that’s not going to explode from bumping over potholes.


The Wee Lug Mk2 takes care of business. Add a Stabiliser Strap to ensure that pack stays put out on the road. It’s equipped with a laptop sleeve and extra pocketing but if that’s too much, its cousin, The Bairn Mk2 is perfect for lighter loads.


No kit list is complete without some adventure staples. Your adventurer may have to hunker down in a bothy for a day, fight off the cold or warm their cockles. Whatever it may be, make sure they’re equipped with the best gear.


Made from remnants from the Harris Tweed industry, the Lunan Beanie takes the chill off any wintery hike.



Pass the time on those rainy days or evenings around the campfire with a deck of Highland Playing Cards.



Beat the cold with a wee Dram. Filled with their favourite tipple, this little hip flask will become your adventurers most prized companion.