Customs & Excise Christmas Market

Customs & Excise Christmas Market

Customs & Excise Christmas Market
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  • A decorated Christmas tree stands at the entrance of the 2016 Trakke Christmas market near the backpack display
  • The Trakke-designed timber and canvas yurt is decorated for a photo booth at the 2016 Christmas Market
  • Customers look the Trakke display at the 2016 Christmas market
  • A black canvas yurt is set up with a sign that says "Trakke" and a second sign advertising mulled wine
  • Aerial view of the 2016 Trakke Christmas market, featuring Hilary Grant, Kestin Hare, and Dear Green coffee

This Christmas, we packed away our sewing machines, pulled out the fairy lights and invited some of our favourite brands into our workshop for our first annual ‘Customs & Excise’ Christmas Market. We welcomed hundreds of people into the studio for a day of christmas shopping, mulled wine and merriment and showcased the latest and greatest local brands, including:

Kestin Hare, Hancock, Instrmnt, Banton Frameworks, Ten30, Apple Blanket, Miscellaneous Adventures, Hilary Grant Knitwear, Scotland ReDesigned, Dear Green Coffee Roasters, A Visual Agency, Ruth Hollwood Jewellery, Jennifer Argo, Plan Bee, Object Company, Design by Zag, photographer Brian Sweeney and signpainter Erin Bradley Scott.

Thanks to everyone who came – and for those who couldn’t make it, that list should help you get your Christmas shopping finished off in no time!

Until next year…