Fingal: Best School Backpack of 2017

Fingal: Best School Backpack of 2017

Fingal: Best School Backpack of 2017
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With schools back in session, the good people at Tutora have featured our Fingal Backpack in their ‘Best School Backpack 2017‘ guide!

A photographer takes a photo while wearing a waxed canvas backpack made by Trakke.

Tutora connect you with private tutors around the UK, so they know a thing or two about what you need for lugging around your textbooks!

The Fingal is crafted from waxed canvas, so it will hold the weather at bay and keep your books and tech dry through the winter! Plus, it’s built to last – so it can handle a bit of rough and tumble, and you won’t need to replace it every year!

A man stands on a bridge in Glasgow and slides a cell phone into the front pocket of a blue, waterproof Fingal commuter pack by Trakke


A red waxed canvas fingal daypack by trakke. Winner of the best school backpack 2017.


The Fingal Backpack is a waxed canvas daypack built for urban explorers. With a simple design and compact shape, it’s ready for whatever the day throws at it. With a main compartment built to fit a 13” Macbook and a zip-access pocket for your daily essentials, it’s your go-to pack for adventures in the urban jungle.