Gifts for Makers

Gifts for Makers

Gifts for Makers
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For the tinkerer, the tailor, the maker. These are the people with ideas constantly whirling in their head and their hands full with the tools to make them a reality. Once they start, they won’t stop – so show them you care by making their projects a little easier. Here is our top picks of gifts for makers.

The Gask


Give your Merry Maker the gift of true freedom and creative joy with the Gask tool roll.  Spread out it can fit a variety of tools which rolls up to fit neatly inside of a bag or under a bicycle seat.



An open tin of wax used for reproofing waxed cotton

Wax has 101 uses for 101 people. For the carpenter it’s an excellent treatment for wood, while the tailor can proof cotton against the worst of weather. At a pinch you can even make candles with it. Perfect for dramatic creation lightening to impress your friends with. Not bad.


Union Work Pant


When you’re working on a project and get into the flow, it’s good to just get up and go. That’s why it pays off to have clothes that are able to keep up and these trousers by Iron and Resin do just that; featuring a tool pocket and extra knee padding for work, they will also look good in a bar or on the street.

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