Gifts from the Hypermarket

Gifts from the Hypermarket

Gifts from the Hypermarket
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You may have heard us shout from the rooftops about our Hypermarket, and just aswell because you won’t want to miss out: this year we are lucky to count on some of the best makers in Britain – individuals and brands alike – coming together at our home away from home of SWG3. Expect good food, great music and excellent people among a scattering of things that will make you smile.  Let us walk you through our highlights and you might just find a way to make someone’s day.



From Manchester – Ajoto have created a pen that you just wont want to put down. It’s very weight and touch has been carefully considered and refined to ensure that it does nothing but add to the joys of writing on paper. It may well be the last and only pen you’ll ever own.

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Hailing from our hometown of Glasgow – Paulin build quality timepieces in their studio/shop on Great Western Road. They have been able to successfully marry minimalism, traditionalism and Glaswegian artistry within their dials, all without losing sight of what makes each tick; making for timepieces with a true sense of belonging and purpose.


Hilary Grant

asdfBased on the Orkney archipelago (a burgeoning hub of arts and crafts in its own right) Hilary Grant produce knitwear that weaves together a rich tradition with contemporary geometric patterns. The result is knitwear that works well against the winds while looking unique and feeling nostalgic all at once.

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Tom Pigeon


Through a mastery of simplicity the Tom Pigeon studio are able to steer their detailed understanding of good design to a variety of different crafts; from print making and stationary to model building and jewellery; it is a true pleasure to see their distinctive taste applied across forms. In a recent project they explored the history of Scottish fishing vessels – building delicate and wistful model ships that buoy the spirits at every glance.

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