• Aug292017
    Is waxed canvas waterproof? Here you can see water beading on the waxed fabric.

    Is Waxed Canvas Waterproof?

    One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘Is waxed canvas waterproof?’ With many brands favouring modern...

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  • Aug222017
    A man wearing a Camo Assynt 17 Backpack by Trakke in the Glasgow Botanic Gardens train station.

    Urban Exploring in Glasgow: Botanics Subway Station

    Sometimes it can be hard to escape the city to search for an adventure. Luckily, the city is our...

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  • Aug042017
    A history of camouflage: A man wearing camouflage clothing and face-paint.

    Deception by Design: A Brief History of Camouflage

    From the embattled trenches that scarred French fields, though deep and dark jungles of the Vietnam war to the...

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  • Jul052017
    • People drinking beer at the Glasgow Hypermarket
    • A Dj at the Glasgow Hypermarket in SWG3
    • Sitting outside at the SWG3 Yardworks during the Glasgow Hypermarket.
    • Trakke Bags at the Glasgow Hypermarket at SWG3
    • The latest furniture designs from Local Heroes
    • Pouring cocktails at the Glasgow Hypermarket
    • McNair Shirts display their wares at the Glavanizers at SWG3 for Glasgow Hypermarket
    • Habiib Home display some mid-century furniture at the hypermarket in Glasgow
    • The Buffalo Truck serves fried chicken streetfood at the Glasgow Hypermarket
    • People laughing at the Glasgow Hypermarket.
    • making cocktails at the Glasgow hypermarket
    • Hoos at the Glasgow Hypermarket
    • Nicole Bidoli launches her new collection at the Glasgow Hypermarket
    • The Century General Store Market Stall at the Glasgow Hypermarket.

    Hypermarket: Glasgow

    Beginning life as the Customs & Excise market were we invited young brands and designers to to show the world their...

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  • Jun292017
    • Free camping on Elafonisi Beach, Crete.
    • Walking through Chania, Crete, wearing a Storr Hand Luggage backpack
    • Looking at the old venetian harbour in Chania, Crete.
    • old buildings meet new in chania, greece
    • Eating a watermelon and plums in crete
    • Sun Loungers set up on Elafonisi Beach in Crete
    • The venetian lighthouse in Chania, Crete
    • Sleeping in a hammock while free camping in Greece
    • The sunset over the water in Crete
    • Free camping on falassarna beach, crete
    • Free camping in greece on Sougia beach
    • The road to sougia, crete
    • Finding a place to wild camp in greece while wearing a storr backpack by trakke
    • waking up to the sunrise on elafonisi beach
    • Boarding a plane with the waxed canvas storr backpack by trakke

    Free Camping in Greece

    Early in June, we were looking for a low-cost holiday to Europe. We weren’t too picky about where –...

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  • Jun292017
    A flatlay of a Storr Travel Backpack, and everything you need for a week of free camping in europe.

    How to Pack: Hand-Luggage Only

    Travelling with hand luggage only is a bit of an art form. Most airlines have strict regulations for the...

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  • Jun262017

    How to Pack the Storr Backpack

    How to pack the Storr hand-luggage backpack for a week of free-camping in Crete. You’ll be amazed how much...

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  • May122017
    Trakke Stockists in London: Outdoor People at the Netil Market.

    Trakke Stockists

    For a long time, our bags have only been available online, from us, direct – but recently we’ve made...

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  • Apr282017
    • A man looks at the limestone climbing cliffs of Sector Oasis, a year-round climbing area in Spain
    • The cliffside village of Chulilla at sunset
    • A man stretches out on a bench in the sun in Chulilla, Spain
    • A man stands at the base of a climbing crag, considering the routes, and carrying a red Arkaig pack
    • A landscape view of a popular climbing crag, Chulilla, Spain
    • A woman sits on a stone wall, looking out over Chulilla, a popular climbing village in Spain
    • A man sits on a cliff, overlooking the climbing area in Valencia, Spain
    • A woman stands on a suspended bridge while hiking over the Charco Azul river near Chullila
    • Overlooking the cliffside village of Chulilla in Spain
    • A woman carries an Assynt 17 in plum and crosses a bridge in the valley of the cliffs in Valencia, Spain
    • A woman swims in a sunny reservoir near Chulilla, Spain

    Adventure Diaries: Climbing in Spain

    In this edition of ‘Adventure Diaries’ we’re off climbing in Spain: We turned the corner to look down into...

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  • Apr212017
    • Overlooking the valley at the Cuillin Mountain Range, hikers are seen walking the trail and carrying equipment and kit for the concert
    • Four hikers carry a generator strapped to wood studs; on the Cuillin Mountain Range trail with snowy mountains in the background
    • A shot from above of people standing near a tent, preparing to hike down after a mountaintop concert on the Isle of Skye
    • A man looking out to sea on the Isle of Skye wearing a red Lecht Backpack.
    • Looking up into the misty crags of the Coire Lagan while descending
    • An aerial drone shot of the concert on Coire Lagan on Skye
    • Hikers wearing head torches gather for food in the Trakke yurt on the Cuillin Mountain Range on the Isle of Skye during a nighttime concert
    • A group of hikers gathering outside the Trakke yurt on the Cuillin Mountain Range on the Isle of Skye at night

    Concert in a Coire

    A few weeks ago we got the call from John at Skye Adventure. He was planning to hold a concert...

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  • Apr132017
    An overhead, layout view of weekend packing essentials, including the waterproof Lecht in red, three Foulden packing cubes, a knife, camera, kindle, and harmonica

    Hands On: Lecht Backpack

    Find out more about all the features and design details on the new Lecht Backpack.

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  • Mar282017
    • An exterior night shot of the Inshriach Bothy near Aviemore
    • The general store at Inshriach House sells goods and wares, but most importantly - Inshriach Gin
    • A man washes his hair under a Trakke shower bag prototype outside of the Inshriach bothy
    • An old army truck with a canvas-covered trailer sits on the grounds of Inshriach and is used as glamping accommodation
    • A front view of the timber-clad Inshriach shop, colourful picnic tables out front, the Inshriach House beyond
    • A signs reads "The inconvenience store - fully stocked, seldom open" at Inshriach House near Aviemore
    • A woman lays out in a hammock in Aviemore at the Inshriach bothy (of The Bothy Project) on a rare, sunny day in Scotland

    Adventure Diaries: Inshriach Estate

    It’s been a year or so since we last visited Inshriach Bothy. It’s a magical place, hidden away in...

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  • Mar242017
    A man wearing the Arkaig pack proposes to his girlfriend on a wet and windy hike on Conic Hill in Scotland

    In The Wild: March

    Here are our favourite shots you’ve shared this month. Spring is around the corner and this is just the...

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  • Mar172017
    A small, blue glacier floats in calm waters as the CALVE research team passes by

    Adventure Diaries: Greenland, Part 3

    The 3rd and final instalment of Alex Ingle‘s expedition journal of his time out in Greenland. During the 3...

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  • Mar102017
    Trakke ambassador, Alex Ingle, sits at the edge of his tent on the open, rocky terrain where they have made camp and rests his feet on his Assynt 17

    Adventure Diaries: Greenland, Part 2

    We dip back into the journal of photographer/filmmaker, Alex Ingle, from his ‘CALVE‘ research expedition to Greenland where he...

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  • Feb232017
    Alex Ingle, Trakke ambassador, stands on a rock overlooking the fjords, mountains, and rocky landscape in front of him. He is wearing a blue Assynt 17, to which he has strapped his drone.

    Adventure Diaries: Greenland, Part 1

    Alex Ingle is a glaciologist turned photographer/filmmaker who specialises in marine research expeditions. Most recently he joined the ‘CALVE’...

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  • Feb212017
    Customer shot in Falkirk, Scotland, of a man holding a camera and wearing a blue Assynt 17

    In The Wild: February

    These 5 photos of customers “In The Wild” will have you planning your next trip in a heartbeat. This...

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  • Feb212017
    a man reclined leaning against a backpack watching the sunset over a fjord and mountain

    Meet the Trakke Pack

    We love getting out in the wild here at Trakke, but sometimes it can be hard to juggle work...

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