• Apr132017
    An overhead, layout view of weekend packing essentials, including the waterproof Lecht in red, three Foulden packing cubes, a knife, camera, kindle, and harmonica

    Hands On: Lecht Backpack

    Find out more about all the features and design details on the new Lecht Backpack.

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  • Mar282017
    • An exterior night shot of the Inshriach Bothy near Aviemore
    • The general store at Inshriach House sells goods and wares, but most importantly - Inshriach Gin
    • A man washes his hair under a Trakke shower bag prototype outside of the Inshriach bothy
    • An old army truck with a canvas-covered trailer sits on the grounds of Inshriach and is used as glamping accommodation
    • A front view of the timber-clad Inshriach shop, colourful picnic tables out front, the Inshriach House beyond
    • A signs reads "The inconvenience store - fully stocked, seldom open" at Inshriach House near Aviemore
    • A woman lays out in a hammock in Aviemore at the Inshriach bothy (of The Bothy Project) on a rare, sunny day in Scotland

    Adventure Diaries: Inshriach Estate

    It’s been a year or so since we last visited Inshriach Bothy. It’s a magical place, hidden away in...

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  • Mar242017
    A man wearing the Arkaig pack proposes to his girlfriend on a wet and windy hike on Conic Hill in Scotland

    In The Wild: March

    Here are our favourite shots you’ve shared this month. Spring is around the corner and this is just the...

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  • Mar172017
    A small, blue glacier floats in calm waters as the CALVE research team passes by

    Adventure Diaries: Greenland, Part 3

    The 3rd and final instalment of Alex Ingle‘s expedition journal of his time out in Greenland. During the 3...

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  • Mar102017
    Trakke ambassador, Alex Ingle, sits at the edge of his tent on the open, rocky terrain where they have made camp and rests his feet on his Assynt 17

    Adventure Diaries: Greenland, Part 2

    We dip back into the journal of photographer/filmmaker, Alex Ingle, from his ‘CALVE‘ research expedition to Greenland where he...

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  • Feb232017
    Alex Ingle, Trakke ambassador, stands on a rock overlooking the fjords, mountains, and rocky landscape in front of him. He is wearing a blue Assynt 17, to which he has strapped his drone.

    Adventure Diaries: Greenland, Part 1

    Alex Ingle is a glaciologist turned photographer/filmmaker who specialises in marine research expeditions. Most recently he joined the ‘CALVE’...

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  • Feb212017
    Customer shot in Falkirk, Scotland, of a man holding a camera and wearing a blue Assynt 17

    In The Wild: February

    These 5 photos of customers “In The Wild” will have you planning your next trip in a heartbeat. This...

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  • Feb212017
    a man reclined leaning against a backpack watching the sunset over a fjord and mountain

    Meet the Trakke Pack

    We love getting out in the wild here at Trakke, but sometimes it can be hard to juggle work...

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  • Jan312017
    A pile of bags to be sold in the Trakke sample sale - ranging from bags with unique dying patterns to bags from archived ranges

    Trakke Sample Sale 2017

    Join us on Wednesday the 1st of February for our second annual Sample Sale for up to 75% off...

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  • Dec122016
    • A decorated Christmas tree stands at the entrance of the 2016 Trakke Christmas market near the backpack display
    • The Trakke-designed timber and canvas yurt is decorated for a photo booth at the 2016 Christmas Market
    • Customers look the Trakke display at the 2016 Christmas market
    • A black canvas yurt is set up with a sign that says "Trakke" and a second sign advertising mulled wine
    • Aerial view of the 2016 Trakke Christmas market, featuring Hilary Grant, Kestin Hare, and Dear Green coffee

    Customs & Excise Christmas Market

    This Christmas, we packed away our sewing machines, pulled out the fairy lights and invited some of our favourite...

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  • Nov282016
    An aerial view of a small ski town in winter

    Christmas Order Deadlines 2016

    Our Christmas order deadlines have come and gone, but what does this mean if you order a bag now?...

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  • Nov232016
    A handmade, wooden sign has been painted white and reads,

    Collections: Vanlife

    Let’s be honest. We’ve all dreamt of packing our bags, hitting the road and living the Vanlife. It’s the...

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  • Nov222016
    • A man wearing a blue Assynt 17 crosses a boggy field on a log in the Scottish Highlands
    • A woman stands on a large, low branch of a tree while wearing a red Fingal Trakke backpack and a limited edition Trakke beanie called the Lunan
    • A small group of hikers walk along a wet, forest trail while wearing weather proof Trakke bags of varying styles
    • The Ardtornish Castle stands tall among the dark, marshy woods
    • A man wearing a blue Assynt 17 backpack climbs through heather on a cliff near Ardtornish Estate
    • One of the Ardtornish houses sits nestled within the tall trees, smoke rising from the chimney
    • A hillside shot of a river valley near Ardtornish estate
    • 3 hikers wearing weatherproof Trakke bags stand overlooking a loch after an afternoon rain
    • A cargo ship makes for the dock on still waters on Loch Aline
    • 5 hikers wearing Trakke packs jump for a photo
    • A wet pair of shoes sit next to a fire burning in a brick fireplace next to a red, water resistant Fingal backpack

    Adventure Diaries: Ardtornish

    Another week means another weekend. Eagerly we packed up the Landy and made a beeline for the A82, the...

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  • Nov182016
    3 hikers wearing Trakke bags stand at the top of a hill overlooking a loch in Northern Scotland

    Trakke Christmas Gift Guide

    We all want to make an impression with our Christmas Gifts. The trouble is, some people are tough to...

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  • Nov152016
    The 2 awards won by Trakke at the 2016 Herald Fashion Awards stand proudly on display in the team's Finnieston workshop

    Online Accessory Retailer of the Year

    On Sunday, we attended the Herald Fashion Awards 2016. We’d been shortlisted for 5 categories, and we were ecstatic...

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  • Nov112016
    A blue, waxed cotton Fingal backpack sits on a wooden bench on a hilltop in autumn, nearby is a large woodpile

    In The Wild: October

    What can we say, folks? Your photos from October have been brilliant. With the keen eye of our customers,...

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  • Oct182016
    • A top view of weekend packing essentials: a waterproof Assynt 17 by Trakke, two Foulden packing cubes, a Laggan backpack accessory, an axe, a stainless steel hip flask, and Trakke-designed playing cards
    • A man stands facing a modern, wood-clad cabin, while wearing a purple Assynt 17 by Trakke, with an axe attached to the weatherproof pack
    • In a small bothy, an axe leans against a fireplace, dense woods can be seen through the window
    • A woman stands on a forest trail looking up at the tall pines above; she is wearing the Trakke Fingal in blue
    • An aerial shot of castle ruins on the edge of a loch
    • An overhead shot of a plate of food on a picnic table including salad, roasted asparagus, sausage, and toast
    • A man stands near the edge of a rocky river which cuts between large boulders; he is wearing a purple Assynt 17 weatherproof backpack by Trakke
    • A man wears a waxed cotton Trakke backpack while walking down a sunny, wooded hiking trail
    • The sun rises over the hills near a still loch in Scotland
    • A nighttime view of a wood-clad bothy near some tall pine trees
    • An open road in Scotland, the sun rises over the mountains

    Glamping in Scotland: Adventures with Canopy & Stars

    Early in October, we teamed up with Canopy & Stars for a weekend of glamping in Scotland. Here’s our trip-report:...

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  • Oct182016
    • A woman stands near a single-track road, facing the mountains with a large scarf wrapped around her shoulders
    • The dramatic, heather hills of Glen Etive are in the background while a stream flows in the foreground
    • Trakke founder, Alec Farmer, stands in a field of heather, looking towards the mountains of Glen Etive, and carrying a waterproof, plum Fingal commuter and weekend backpack
    • A Land Rover Discovery sits on the side of a single-track road near the mountains of Glen Etive
    • From above, a small fire burns amidst riverbed rocks
    • A man sits on a boulder and tends a small fire near a river bank, mountains and heather in the background
    • A cloud hangs dense and low over a heathered mountainside in Scotland

    A Weekend Escape to Glen Etive

    We love weekends, and when we’re looking to escape the city for a night or two, Glen Etive is...

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