Meet the Trakke Pack

Meet the Trakke Pack

Meet the Trakke Pack
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We love getting out in the wild here at Trakke, but sometimes it can be hard to juggle work and play. That’s why we’re excited to announce our first ever team of Trakke ambassadors. Comprising of filmmakers, and photographers, artists and explorers, their enthusiasm for the outdoors and adventure is contagious – and as they explore the varied climates and terrains our world has to offer, they’ll be testing out our gear and helping us to refine upcoming prototypes too. We’ll be following their trips and expeditions across the globe and sharing them with you through their journals and photos.

In no particular order, please meet Alex Ingle, Alexi Jeanrenaurd, Mike Guest, Kaasam Ali Aziz and Maddison Araceli Willmott of Path Adventure and Kieran Duncan. Check out their Instagram feeds to follow their stories.



Alex is a documentary photographer who specialises in marine research expeditions for environmental science. His expeditions take him to far-flung corners of the globe where he captures the adventure behind these fascinating projects.

On Instagram at @alexinglephoto




Alexi is the man behind Luna Tees, making one-off pieces and illustrations inspired by travel and adventure. Working between Switzerland and London, Alexi takes to the mountains as often as possible and draws insight from his time in the wild.

On Instagram at @luna_tees




A photographer, filmmaker and avid adventurer, Mike is never in the same place for long. Whether he’s skiing, surfing, climbing or diving, he’s a happy nomad wherever his travels take him.

On Instagram at @mr_guesty




Kaas and Madds make up the wonderful duo that is Path Adventure. They’ve combined their passion for the outdoors, storytelling and photography to inspire fellow creatives living on the fringe of wilderness. They’re currently in Morocco having cycled from Britain on their way to the Sahara desert.

On Instagram at @pathadventure




Kieran is an adventure filmmaker based in Scotland but rarely in the country for long. Often found at some of Europe’s best climbing areas or remote Scottish island, his films capture the land and the story in beautiful, cinematic form.

On Instagram at @keiranjduncan