Thank You, Summer. You Were Great.

Thank You, Summer. You Were Great.

Thank You, Summer. You Were Great.
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The time of year has come when the nights start closing in on the days. Before we know it there will be a carpet of gold leaves underfoot and layers of clothing will quickly multiply until we’re shuffling around like penguins. It’s not something we’re upset about. As the daylight fades we can begin to focus our attention on the aspects of life the glaring summer sun blinded us to.

The layers, the chill on our cheeks as we make our way to work, the crunch of frost underfoot; it all comes with a new season, a new pace, different priorities and plans. We’ve taken the summer to kickback and feel the sun burning through our eyelids. We’ve taken those leisurely strolls through green parks intoxicated by the smell of 100 disposable barbecues. Summer can be distracting.

Summer you were great

Now the temperature is dropping we can pick up the pace. We won’t be getting hot and bothered. Autumn is time for doing, for being productive. Crisp, fresh air lets us think and concentrate on the task at hand without dreaming of running away to the beach. It’s a time for writing that life list you’ve been meaning to start; and actually scratching off each item. Email an old travel buddy, devise a plan for that awesome trip you’ve been dreaming of, set things in motion. Set goals.

So thank you, Summer. You were great. But now we’re ready to embrace the low lying sun and tackle the cooler temps. Eagerly we press on whole heartedly with our projects; drawing, making, building, crafting. Imagine what we can achieve by the time the last leaves fall from the trees.