The Whangie & the Mysterious Cage

The Whangie & the Mysterious Cage

The Whangie & the Mysterious Cage
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  • Near the rocky crags of the Whangie in Scotland leans a small, handmade, timber enclosure of undetermined purpose
  • A woman sits at the top of a rocky cliff and looks out towards the pine forests in the distance
  • A hiker stands at the base of the rocky cliffs at Queen
  • A man wearing an Arkaig Trakke bag climbs over a rocky landscape

About a thirty minute drive out of Glasgow lies Queens View – otherwise known as the Whangie. It’s one of our favourite local spots, combining a short & sweet walk with incredible views out to Loch Lomond and some really unusual rock formations that are fun to clamber over and explore.

It’s also got a great name – and if you can supress your inner child for a moment, let me explain. Whang is a scots word for a cut or slice, which makes a lot of sense when you see the steep-sided gulley formed by the rock. Legend has it that it was created by the devil many moons ago, who slashed through the rock with a whip of his tail as he flew overhead.

Now typically, I’m not a believer in all this supernatural stuff, but this weekend, on a casual Sunday jaunt up the Whangie, something changed my mind. Rounding a corner in the rock, I stumbled across a cage. A sturdy, well built wooden cage, just the right size for a human being. Built with a hammer and nails, the wood was well chopped and cleaned up – presumably dragged up from a small woodland some four hundred metres away. Someone had taken their time with this. They’d given it serious thought, and a decent amount of hard graft.

The question is, why?

Why build a man-size cage on top of a hilltop?


Maybe it’s entirely innocent, but it’s made me uneasy.

It is October, after all, and with all hallows eve fast approaching, perhaps there’s a more sinister power at play here.

What do you think?