The Benefits Of One Bag Travel

an exploded view of a carry on backpack to show the benefits of one bag travel

One bag travel opens a world of new travel opportunities, while saving money and time.

Here why you should downsize your suitcase, to scale up your adventure:

1. Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Want to lower your environmental impact? Lower your bag weight. Every kilogram on an aeroplane costs roughly £60 per year in fuel. If every passenger cut 10kg from their luggage, it'd save over 310,000kg of CO2 emissions per year. That's just for one 162 seater plane.

2. Upgrade Your Journey

Carrying all your possessions on your back means you can travel on your terms. Whether it's on foot, by rickshaw, or on an elephant, your luggage is never going to get in the way.

3. Open Up New Destinations

Some paths aren't made for the wheels on a suitcase. With your belongings on your back, you can go anywhere your legs will take you at a moment's notice.

4. Extend Your Trip

The lighter the load, the longer you can carry it. Packing with one bag teaches you to travel with only what you need, so the journey can keep on going.

5. Save Precious Time

Every minute counts. Skip the luggage carousel, and the hotel bag drop. Wearing your luggage means you can step right off the plane, and right into your destination.

6. Save Money

Why pay for left luggage and check-in bags? Over the year, they'll add hundreds to your travel bills. A good Carry On Backpack will pay for itself many times over.

7. Keep Your Possessions Safe

In transit, or out in the wild, it's reassuring to know that your valuables are right by your side.

8. Tidy Suitcase, Tidy Mind

One bag travel means your trip stays clutter free. That means no exploded suitcase, and no messy hotel room. When you pack smart, and pack light, you can focus on the thing that matters most - the adventure.


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If you have any other benefits of one bag travel you'd like to add, let us know!

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