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by Alexander Forsyth

We love our bikes. One of the first bags we produced was our Wee Lug Messenger Bag, and it's been with us ever since (it recently won the "Best Messenger Bag in the world" award from the Independent newspaper!). The world of cycling can be a complicated place, though. With people often spending more on their bike than they do on their car, and weight savings often being measured in single grams, entering the two-wheeled world can be pretty daunting.

It can be exactly the same when it comes to bike accessories. Whether looking for a gift for an avid cyclist friend, or just preparing your bike for the winter, it can be tough to know where to start, and how much to spend.

That's where we step in.

Here's our curated list of the top bike accessories for 2018; a mixture of creatively designed safety equipment, and characterful additions to your two-wheeled companion, it'll keep you pedalling all through winter and beyond.



Leather Beer Holder by Walnut Studiolo

Beer Holder


Walnut Studiolo (a charming Italian word meaning "little studio") make the kind of handcrafted leather bike accessories that just scream out to be given as gifts to friends, loved ones, or even yourself. Chief among them in their bike accessories is their beer bottle holder. Holding six bottles or cans, it's both a stylish and functional way to carry that six pack across town.

Price: $36 / $144 USD (frame cinch / 6 pack holder)
Link: Walnut Studiolo

Beryl Laser Lights by beryl.cc

Beryl Laser Lights

Initially named Blaze, but since rebranded as Beryl in homage to the famous female cyclist Beryl Burton, the company have proven that good design can make all the difference when it comes to cycle safety. As well as a powerful 300w forward facing light, the Beryl light laser projects a green image of a bike onto the road 6 metres ahead. Proven to improve road visibility for cyclists by 50% to 100%, depending on vehicle, we can't think of a single reason not to use a Beryl laserlight.

As a bonus, Beryl have just announced their new kickstarter is going live in October, meaning you can purchase a set of their brand new laser lights from only £45.

Price: £124.99 for the front & back pair
Link: Laserlight & Burner set / Kickstarter for new Laserlight


The Nutter Bike Tool by Full Windsor

The Nutter bike tool

Weighing only 110g, The Nutter bike tool is the only tool you'll need to carry with you on your trips. It's designed so that the tool also functions as a handle, meaning you've got extra leverage for any fiddly little screws. It packs tidily, covers every base, and is easier to use than almost all other tools - you couldn't ask for anything more.

Price: £39.99
Link: The Nutter Bike Tool

Surf Board Rack by MovedByBikes

Surfboard Rack


With Scotland's inclement weather, we're tempted to add "6mm wetsuit and a flask of warm tea" to this, because if you're transporting your surfboard anywhere in Scotland any time but the height of the summer, you're going to be in for a chilly ride. That said, for those lucky enough to live in warmer climes, or those Scots who live close to some of our world famous surfing spots, the MovedByBikes surf board rack is a genuine option for going petrol free and pedal powered all the way to the break.

Price: $135 USD
Link: MovedByBikes surfboard rack

Wall Hanger by Cactus Tongue 

 Bike Wall Holder by Cactus Tongue

With bike theft as common as it is, leaving your prized steed locked outside seems like madness, and even common access hallways aren't secure enough to guarantee it'll be there in the morning. Rather than stashing your bike awkwardly in your home and tripping over it on your way past, why not make your bike a feature? With classic and minimalist frames available in all number of colours, Cactus Tongue do stands that can turn your bike into a piece of art on the wall, rather than a nuisance in the hallway.

Price: £129.99
Link: Cactus Tongue Wall Mounted Bike Rack


Gask tool roll by Trakke

 Gask Tool Roll

We might be biased, but we think our very own Gask tool roll is a solid piece of kit. Made from the same Scottish waxed canvas as our backpacks, and one of the most versatile accessories we make, it can fit every bike accessory you need. Pump, tools, spare inner tubes, as well as any other sundries you need to take with you on your journey. Handmade in Scotland, and with a lifetime guarantee, you'll never need to buy another.

Price: £45
Link: Trakke Waxed Canvas Gask Tool Roll

Alexander Forsyth
Alexander Forsyth

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