How To Choose A Bag Colour

How To Choose A Bag Colour

Personal preference should always be the most important guiding principle when choosing a colour - if you pick the one you're most drawn to, you'll more than likely find it fits in with the other items you own, and your own personal styling.

For those of you who are still struggling to make a decision, though, here's a quick run through our entire colour range, giving the merits of each of our three core colourways, and our additional guest colourway.

Our Primary Colours


Black Waxed Canvas - used to make waxed canvas backpacks by Trakke

Paired with: black cotton webbing

It's timeless, it's simple, it's chic. Black goes with everything, and it will never go out of fashion. It's a great choice for professionals who need to look sharp at work. Black has the benefit of showing fewer marks and creases, meaning your bag will keep a more consistent look over time.


Blue Waxed Canvas - used to make waxed canvas backpacks by Trakke

Paired with: black cotton webbing

Classic, but with a dash of colour. Our new rich dark navy excels in both arenas - it's classy enough for the office, but colourful enough for those who aren't content with plain black. If you're looking for smart with a twist, then our new navy is perfect.


Olive Waxed Canvas used for Waxed Canvas Backpacks by Trakke

Paired with: black cotton webbing

Olive is a staple of our range. Evoking vintage mountaineering equipment, military dark khaki, and classic camouflage, it's the quintessential outdoors colour. A beautiful neutral shade that's incredibly versatile, it's equally well styled to the city street or the mountain summit.

Guest Colour #1


Waxed Canas Cumin Colour with Moss Webbing

Paired with: moss cotton webbing

When we first found our amazing shade of cumin, our jaws almost hit the floor. Warm without being too bright, colourful without being too vibrant. We didn't know how to fit it into our long-term product range, but we knew we had to use it in something. And so, our "Guest Colour" was born.

What is our "Guest Colour" exactly?

It's a chance for us to experiment, and use colours and fabrics that wouldn't normally form part of our permanent range. For each, we'll make a full range of our products, with one proviso: when we run out, there won't be any more.

And with Cumin, we can't think of a more beautiful colour to start with.