How To Choose the Right Bag For You

How To Choose the Right Bag For You

Our range falls neatly into five different types of bag:

Within each rage, we offer two options, each with a significantly different take on both style, design, and functionality. No need to worry, though, we’re here to break down each pack, and help you decide which one is right for you.


Trakke Waxed Canvas Arkaig Daypack and Fingal Daypack


The ideal daypack is small enough to fit into your daily routine without getting in the way, but big enough to take you from morning until evening with everything you need. Both our Fingal and Arkaig are perfect for the job, but feature a few key differences.

Arkaig, 12L

The Arkaig, with its heritage satchel inspired design, offers an internal A4 document compartment, a 13” padded laptop sleeve, and internal security pocket. With its rectangular shape, its ideally designed for a miniature portable office – think laptop, documents, textbooks, and a pencil case.

Fingal, 13L

With a modern curved top design, and a larger opening sealed by a weatherproof zip, the Fingal is as comfortable in the hills as in the city. The external quick access pocket is ideal for those who often need to reach for the little essentials throughout the day (think phone, keys, snacks), so perfect for those who are constantly on the move. Think: active commuters, or weekend walker.


Trakke Waxed Canvas Backpacks - Assynt Backpack and Bannoch Backpack


Two backpacks with strongly different visual styles, our Assynt and Bannoch backpacks were designed with two very different locations in mind, yet the understanding that there's nowehere either can't go.

Assynt, 20L (non-expanded)

The Assynt is our alpine inspired backpack, paying homage to the equipment that accompanied some of the most famous mountaineering first ascents in history. If you’re looking for a modular pack that can be expanded, attached to, and strapped to your waist for extra support, the Assynt is perfect. Expandable up to 26L with our Laggan Accessory Pouches, it's perfectly paired with our Padded Waistbelt and Backpack Chest Strap to create the ultimate adventure backpack. Strip all of the accessories away, and you still have a classic pack that offers the flexibility of 20L storage, and a 15" laptop sleeve.

Bannoch Backpack, 17L

The Bannoch Backpack is our deluxe urban carry, with a focus on organisation, style, and packing for the city. With two external water bottle pockets, an A4 documents folder, and thoughtful organisation throughout, its structured shape ensures a freestanding bag that can sit upright while you work at your desk or at a café. Ideal for those looking to carry a a portable office, it offers room to spare, and unpacks so smoothly you’ll never find yourself rummaging. What's more, it can similarly fit our Padded Waistbelt, converting it into an efficient adventure backpack at a moment's notice.


Trakke Waxed Canvas Messenger Bags - Wee Lug and Bairn Mini Messenger

Messenger Bags 

Our range of messenger bags has one key differentiator: size. Beyond that, there are a few subtle differences that might sway you one way or the other.

Wee Lug, 20L

The Wee Lug is a true backpack alternative for those who prefer a single strap carry. Choose our multi-award winning messenger if you’re purposefully looking for a cycling bag, or if you’re someone who prefers the fit and profile of a messenger for their daily carry. It fits a larger laptop, with a 15” sleeve, and has newly designed quick access external pockets – reachable without having to undo the buckles. It comes with the deluxe Cobra buckle fastening and quick-release strap, making it a breeze to gain quick access to the contents. Paired with our Stabiliser Strap, it's as secure as any backpack, and as comfortable as one, too.

Bairn, 9L

Choose the Bairn if you’re looking for a stylish and urban daily carry, and don’t have the extra requirements offered by the Wee Lug. Similarly able to be worn as a sidebag, or strapped to the back, the Bairn excels as a small EDC able to accommodate a day's essentials. For those who work light, the 13” laptop sleeve means it’s ideal for a minimal portable office. As a bonus, it's also compatible with our Stabiliser Strap for when you need a little extra stability on the move.


Trakke Waxed Canvas Travel Bags - Vorlich Expedition Pack and Storr Carry On Backpack

Travel / Expedition Packs

Two very different adventure packs, each with an excellent set of features. Both are ideal for anyone looking for a high volume daily carry, offering the ability to be accessorised with our Laggan Accessory Pouches for extra storage, as well as our Padded Waistbelt and Backpack Chest Strap for extra comfort while carrying. Beyond this, each has has a strong leaning toward different types of travel.

Storr, 35L (non-expanded)

The Storr Carry On Luggage Backpack has been designed with carry-on luggage and one-bag travel in mind. With a clamshell opening, and quick access external pockets, it’s one of our easiest bags to pack and travel with – paired with Foulden Packing Cubes or Foulden Clamshel Packing Cubes, you’ve got the ideal one-bag travel solution for short, long, or indefinite duration trips. With dimensions that mean it fits into carry-on luggage, it’s for when you want to pack smart, travel efficiently, and need a companion bag for life (rather than until the wheels break!). Able to be carried as a backpack, or with the straps stowed as a holdall, the Storr simply helps you travel better.

Vorlich, 32L (non-expanded)

The Vorlich is our fully specced expedition pack. Ideal for those who want increased capacity, the rolltop design offers packing flexibility, as well as extreme weatherproofing for the contents. With intelligently designed zip access on the front – one into the central compartment, removing the need to rummaging, and the other into a front pleated pocket providing ample quick access storage – the Vorlich is designed to take your mind off what's on your back, so you can spend more time looking at the route ahead. Made to be photographed on the summit, it's ideal for multiple-day trips, or for anyone with a larger frame looking for a high volume carry.


Trakke Waxed Canvas Tote Bags - Finnieston Tote and Foulden Tote Bag

 Tote Bags

Finnieston Tote

Our Finnieston tote is a quintessential casual urban carry. Based on the classic musette, it's for when you want to carry light, carry stylish, and want the versatility of a bag that can expand into a hand-held tote. With the attached messenger strap, it can sit on your hip waiting to be filled, meaning that your hands remain free throughout the day.

Foulden Tote

Foldable into a small pouch, the foulden tote is designed to offer the flexibility of extra storage, but with a tiny packing footprint. Fitting neatly inside a smaller EDC, it means you can pull it out at any point in the day to create a whopping extra 22L of bag space. Perfect for late day grocery runs, or for when you just flat run out of space in your usual bag, it's an essential item for every trip out of the house.