Photography Competition: The Winners!

Photography Competition: The Winners!
Trakke bags aren't made to simply sit on a shelf, rest in a drawer, or hide in the back of a cupboard. They're meant to be filled with your essentials, thrown on your back, and taken with you on your next adventure - whatever that adventure may be. So after cutting the pattern, hand stitching the fabric, and packaging up one of our waxed canvas bags for shipment, we know that it's not the end of its journey.

It's only the beginning.

When we launched our Instagram photo competition, it was with a simple request: send us a picture of you and your bag, so we know where that journey has taken you.

After dozens of submissions, ranging from Australia all the way up to Alaska, we all sat down as a team - Cory, Giedra, Katy, Alexander, Matthew, Havar, and Madeleine - to try to narrow it down to our winners.

It wasn't easy, but we're delighted to present our top three submissions!


Alex, with his Assynt 17 in Olive
Sedona, AZ

Sedona Canyon

Cory's Comment:
"This just says "Trakke" all over. I mean, look at that view! I remember making that
bag just a few weeks ago, and it's crazy to see where it's already been."


Congratulations, Alex! Where was your photo taken?
Thanks so much guys, this is amazing! I love my Trakke bag so much. The photo was taken in Sedona, Arizona, just a couple of weeks ago. 


Can you tell us a little bit about your backpack?
Well, I chose the Assynt 17 because I was looking for a bag that can do everything, and I was looking for something that will last forever. I know I can take it out to the mountains or I can take it to the office, and plenty of other adventures in between.


Where's your favourite location you've visited with your Trakke bag?
I've not had my bag for long, so it would be the trip in the picture, to Sedona. It was raining that day but it made the incredible red rocks look amazing. I had my camera and a few other things in my bag, and it was perfect for keeping them dry as we looked for the perfect camping spot.


What's your dream destination to take your bag to?
I think my dream destination is the South American Andes. This bag has the alpine inspired design that screams that it needs to be taken to 5000m! But then, I love that it can also can get tossed around busy public buses, and protect my gear in the occasional rain storm.


What five things do you never travel without?
Doesn't matter if I'm going to the rainy amazon or exploring slot canyons of the Southwest. I always take: My camera (It's been canyoneering a few times), tripod, (2) Locking carabiners, a small notebook and pen, finally a trusty backpack.


What’s your top packing tip for travelling?
I was on a trip through Kenya and someone I met told me "Don't over-pack, having clothes washed is always cheaper than the overweight baggage fee". Your packing cubes really help with this!


What’s your favourite adventure close to home?
My favorite adventure close to home is an area called the Superstition Mountains. It's about a 40 min drive outside of Phoenix and I have so many options on what I can do. I can go paddle boarding on the lake with it's steep canyon walls, trad climb a 4 pitch multi pitch, canyoneer through some slot canyons and hike for miles and miles. It has a great desert landscape and so much to offer.



Kelly, with her limited edition Fingal backpack
River Wye, Wales

 Matthew's Comment:
"I love that she's making the most of where she is; you don't need to go far for an
adventure, even a walk down your local river can be great fun. Also, the dog's ears!"

Congratulations, Kelly!
Wow, awesome, thanks so much guys!

Can you tell us a little bit about your backpack?
My Fingal backpack is by far my favourite backpack. It's lightweight and versatile, but large enough to carry a days supplies. I love the top opening design, making it easy to grab my camera when needed.

Where's your favourite location you've visited with your Trakke bag:
My favourite place so far has been dolphin spotting on the costal cliffs around Llangelynin, Wales. Although I suspect that might be superseded soon with a pending trip to France to see the end of this year's Tour!

What's your dream destination to take your bag to?
I’d love to visit Iceland, and go trekking in Skaftafell, Vatnajokull national park. It looks stunning and sublime.


Eric & Tiffany, with their Bairn MK2 Messenger Bag in Plum

Katy's Comment:
"I really like how it's been framed, with the blue sky and plane in the distance, and the curve of the stairs.
It's really hypnotising. I want to see where she's going next."

Congratulations, Eric & Tiffany!
Awesome!! I'm psyched - we've never won anything before.

Can you tell us a little bit about your bag?
Well, we have a Fingal and a Bairn, and we love them! They're the kind of smart casual everyday bags we need in Singapore. It rains - often heavily - all year here, so we need to be ready for inclement weather. But the handsome style of Trakke means we're just as ready for the office as for our next adventure.

Where's your favourite location you've visited with your Trakke bag:
Definitely the Grand Canyon (south rim). The sunrise was beautiful from Mather Point, with extra warm layers packed into my bairn, and we enjoyed the sights and silence on our short day hike along South Kaibab where Tiff took her Fingal - actually the same bag she carries daily for work!

What's your dream destination to take your bag to?
Norway, to see the Aurora Borealis. We'd love to trek into the snow with our friends, and i'd love to try photographing the stars. Seems like the perfect place for Trakke gear, too.