An Introduction To Our New Waxed Canvas

An Introduction To Our New Waxed Canvas

Waxed canvas comes in a variety of thicknesses, thread counts, and finishes, each suited for different technical needs. When it comes to choosing the best possible fit for our range of waxed canvas bags and accessories, our criteria is simple: we look for durability, sustainability, and feel.

And for our new April 2019 range, we've found the gold standard in all three.

Our New Dry Finish Waxed Canvas

The Weight

Firstly, our new waxed canvas is satisfyingly heavier, weighing in at 400gsm. The extra weight isn't noticeable in the pack, yet it provides heightened durability and structure, meaning your bag will retain it's shape better, even when empty.

The Environment

Secondly, we've ensured that our new waxed canvas is kind to the environment. Already a plastic-free alternative to synthetic nylon and polyester fabrics, we go further than most others in the outdoor industry. So, just like our previous fabric, there's no plastic and no FCCS, just incredibly durable Scottish waxed canvas.

The Feel

Finally, our new dry finish is amazing to the touch. Still retaining the same weatherproof quality, it lacks the surface waxy feel of our prior range, instead having a pleasant soft dry finish. Easier to clean, and easier to care for, all you need is a brush and a bottle of our new reproofing spray.

Though a fair bit has changed, you can rely on some thing always staying the same: it's still Scottish, it's still weatherproof, and it's still guarantee for life.

Now how about those new colours?


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