Black Friday Sale 2019

When does our Black Friday sale begin and end?

Our Black Friday Sale begins at 7am GMT on Friday 29th November.

The sale is currently scheduled for one day only, and limited stock is available.

Depending on stock levels, the sale may be extended.

As we don’t run sales very often, it is likely to be extremely popular. We would advise shopping on Friday rather than waiting for an extension.

Is everything on sale?

Most items will be included in the sale, but there are a few exceptions like Gift Cards and the Drumroll, which won’t be discounted.

What discounts are available?

We can’t announce all of the sale prices just yet, but you can expect up to 40% off bags, and up to 50% off accessories. Bear in mind each product will be priced differently - we will not apply a flat-rate percentage discount.

Why aren’t you replying to my emails?

Black Friday is an extremely busy time of year, and our staff will be extremely busy helping people with their enquiries and ensuring that orders ship as quickly as possible. As such, you may experience some delays hearing back from our customer service team.

Rest assured, they will try and help you as quickly as they can.

To help them assist you as efficiently as possible, please do not message customer service on more than one channel, and please don’t send multiple messages about the same enquiry. If you do, you may end up at the bottom of the queue again.

For the quickest response, send an email to

Can I use other discount codes during the sale?

No discount codes will be valid during the Black Friday Sale. However, we will still offer free shipping as usual:

UK orders over £100 International orders over £150

Are my items reserved in my cart?

No. The items in your cart will not be reserved until your payment is confirmed.

If an item is out of stock by the time you reach checkout, we recommend making your payment for the remaining items in your cart. If you go back, you could risk other items going out of stock and our website resetting your place in the queue.

There’s a queue at checkout. Should I refresh my page?

With so many people checking out, it is likely that you may experience delays at checkout. DO NOT refresh your page, as this will reset your place in the queue.

Can I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel your order, please email Please note that if your item has already shipped, it cannot be recalled before delivery. However, you are welcome to return your item once it arrives with you.

Why has my order been cancelled?

We use a payment security system at checkout which flags orders that it suspects might be fraudulent. Should this happen, your order will be automatically cancelled. Please note that the system is not always correct, so it’s not necessarily anything to worry about.

If your order is cancelled, please contact our customer support team, who will be look into your order.

I have made a mistake on my order. Can I change it?

No. Once your order has been placed, we cannot amend it. Please ensure you take your time at checkout to ensure your shipping, billing and contact details are correct.

Can I combine multiple orders into one shipment?

If you place multiple orders during our sale period, we cannot combine them into one shipment or refund any shipping charges.

Possible Shipping delays

Due to the large number of orders being posted during the sale period, you may experience a delay in receiving your item. We endeavour to ship items as quickly as possible, but please note that we cannot guarantee next-day delivery.

Can I return Black Friday sale items?

Yes of course! Our returns policy (LINK) will apply to all sale items. Please note that we do not offer exchanges at the moment.

Will the returns policy be extended?

Yes, if you placed your order between November 25th and December 25th you will have until January 31st 2020 to return your

I missed the sale! Can you honour the discount afterwards?

Sadly not. We only have limited stock available at the Black Friday Sale price, and this price will only be valid during the sale period.

Is everything on sale?

Most items will be included in the sale, but there are a few exceptions like individual Packing Cubes, Gift Cards and the Drumroll which won’t be discounted.