by Alec Farmer

It's time to add another member to the team!

We're presently looking to fill the vacancy of Junior Machinist at Trakke. This will be a full-time position. You'd be joining a vibrant, young team of makers and creators, working out of our light and airy workshop in the Finnieston area of central Glasgow.

For anyone interested, please read the job description below.

Job Description:


We are seeking a talented and personable junior sewing machinist to join our small team in a full-time position..

The role requires an individual with a well-rounded set of skills. Your position will include sewing small batch products, cutting lay plans and preparing trimmings and hardware for manufacturing as well as engaging with other workshop activities such as product development. We expect all of our staff to be able to perform all manufacturing tasks within the workshop environment.

Previous sewing experience is essential, but we will provide some training to ensure you can make our range of products quickly and accurately, to a very high standard. You will require a keen eye for detail, an ability to meet tight deadlines and the ability to work at speed without compromising quality.

We are proud of our Scottish roots, and have a strong commitment to manufacturing here in the UK. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with a small brand with a good reputation and global audience.


How to Apply


We're only accepting applicants through the Glasgow Guarantee programme. To find out more, and to make an application, please click here.


Application Deadline


Applications are open via the Glasgow Guarantee until the 3rd of February.




Alec Farmer
Alec Farmer

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