The Carryology Carry Awards 2019

The Carryology Carry Awards 2019

We're thrilled to have been nominated in this year's Carryology Carry Awards. Carryology are the world's leading resource for all bag and EDC related discussion, and the Carry Awards is their opportunity to highlight the most exciting developments in the past year.

We've always believed that there's a better way to make bags. As well as focussing on timeless style, and functional design, we want to show that a bag can tell a story. A story of local craftspeople, using local materials, to sustainably make something that can last a lifetime. Equipment that blurs the boundary between kit and companion.

We'd be honoured if you'd support us by voting in each of the categories below.


Carryology Carry Award Nomination Categories


Bannoch Backpack
Best Work Backpack
Wee Lug Messenger Bag
Best Work Shoulder Bag
Banana CrossBody Bag
Best Sling

Storr Carry-On Backpack
Best Carry-On Bag