Trakke Review Roundup

Trakke Review Roundup

The feedback we're always most concerned about is the kind that come in from our customers - people who have bought a bag, and made it a part of their everyday life. When it comes to people who haven't quite joined the Trakke family, though, we know that a well written informative review can be a huge help in deciding which bag to pick.

We've gathered a few of our favourite industry insights below, to help make that decision making a little easier!


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Pack Hacker are relatively new on the scene, but have already built up a reputation for amazing in-depth product reviews. As well as hitting all the standard review notes, one of the key metrics they use is time - how the bag looks and feels immediately after purchase, after a month, and after three months - guaranteeing that they've put enough time into each pack to give a truly informed review.

We're huge fans of what PackHacker are doing, and consider them one of the best bag review websites out there.

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Carryology have been vanguards of technical and lifestyle carry for years now, and more than anyone cover the breadth of the entire field. Presiding over the highly respected Carry awards every year (which our Wee Lug messenger has won twice!), they also provide amazingly detailed reviews of new notable bag releases. To top it off, they've even collaborated with several reputable bag brands to introduce their own bags into the carry space (we're looking at you, Carryology Storr SP!).

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