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by Alec Farmer

Visit Glasgow and you'll be greeted with a colourful range of graffiti murals spread across the city. We've selected 5 of our favourite Scottish street artists who are lighting up the streets of Glasgow.

Rouge One

Graffiti mural by Scottish Graffiti artist Rouge One

Working with stencils, oils, acrylics and spraypaint, rogue-one has spent the last 15 years creating work all over the world. We loved his work at the Yardworks Festival this year!


Perhaps best known for his work along the Glasgow Mural Trail. He works on an epic scale, covering the entire gable-ends of tenements and warehouses across the city. The mural trail is well worth the walk - it’s a great way to explore the city!

 Mark Worst

Graffiti design of an eye and blue swathes by Mark Worst

Mark paints a wide range of styles from photorealistic to surreal landscapes and characters inspired by folklore and cultures across the globe. We love his graphic style. 

Conzo Throb

Conzo Throb graphic design and scottish graffiti artist

Conzo has been creating works here in Glasgow for over a decade, and drawing from skills rooted in illustration, he creates satirical works that touch on the humorous nuances of Scottish life. 

Ciaran Globel

Ciaran Globel typography

Ciaran is a man of many talents - a graphic designer, signwriter and illustrator, he’s got his fingers in many pies. He gained local notoriety with his ’bulletbeard’ project - a series of stencils & posters that appeared all over Glasgow exclaiming ‘Bullet Beard is Dead’ had the public scratching their heads and wondering what the backstory was. Today, he works alongside Conzo under the moniker Globel Bros to create collaborative work ranging from commercial pieces to street art. 

Like what you see? Check out our trip down to SWG3 Yardworks, featuring some of the best graffiti and street art from Scotland and beyond. 

Alec Farmer
Alec Farmer

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