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The weather is amazing in Glasgow right now. We haven’t seen the sun for a decade, but now it’s shining down on us. It’s too good an opportunity to miss.

We’re working all week, so we hatch a plan. Leave the workshop at 5pm, go adventuring, and be back at our desks for 9am. A midweek microadventure.

We head to Arrochar – home of the epic Arrochar Alps. We’re going to climb the Cobbler. One of the most iconic ridgelines in Scotland. Then we’re going to bivi at the top.

A man standing proudly on the needle of Arrochar By 9:45pm, we’re on the summit. The true summit. A proud stack of rock jutting out from the ridge. We hunt for a good bivi spot. We want a good view, but some shelter from the wind.

A man and a woman search for a place to sleep on top of Arrochar
By 11pm, we’ve filled up on food, had a wee dram and we’re tucked up in our sleeping bags. The stars shine. Forget five star hotels. We’ve got a million star hotel.

A view of the rolling hills from the top of Arrochar

It barely gets dark at this time of year. We’re up by 5am, sitting up to the sunrise. We rub our eyes and brew up some coffee.

Two people begin to descend from Arrochar
Before long, we begin our descent, jogging a little to get the blood pumping.
We’re back at the car by 7:30am, ready to boost back to Glasgow. There’s an obligatory pit-stop for bacon rolls, and we get caught up in the rush hour.

Nontheless, by 9:15am, we’re back in the workshop, working on new designs, answering emails and wondering why we don’t do this more often.

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