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by Alec Farmer

Every Trakke bag’s name tells a story about one of our favourite places in Scotland - remote sea caves, beautiful Munros, and stunning landscapes. In this series of posts, we thought we’d share a little more about where those names come from.

Today, we're exploring the region that inspired the eponymous Assynt 17 and Assynt 28

Adventures in Assynt

When we were designing the backpacks in our ‘Future Classics’ range, we knew that they should be multi-purpose packs. They’re not just for summiting peaks, hiking routes, traversing lochs or weathering storms. We needed a bag that could do all of those things and more. A bag that you take out of the city, and bring home into the wild.

It didn’t take long to realise there was a specific place in Scotland that we were making the bag for. A place that stretches from deep lochs to soaring peaks, with a lifetime of adventure in between.

That place is Assynt.

the landscape in Assynt, Scotland.

In the far north-west Scotland, it’s an area as remote as it is beautiful; a landscape that climbs from the loch-side ruins of Ardvreck Castle, all the way up to the summit of the famous Stac Pollaidh. At its centre lies Suilven - one of the most stark and dramatic mountains in Scotland. Our friends at North Colour Films captured its impressive majesty in this amazing video:


In the spring, the flowering Gorse paints the ground yellow, while in the late summer, the whole region turns purple as the heather blooms. It’s a part of Scotland that’s a truly wild. It’s pretty telling that we’d never say to our friends “I’m going to Assynt”. That doesn’t do it justice. We always say “I’m adventuring in Assynt”.  

gorse flowering in assynt

These are the bags we made for those adventures.

They are bags for wild camping, hiking, river crossing, and campfire warming. They're for all seasons, all terrains, and all weathers. They're bags for everything that Assynt can (and will) throw at you.

the lid of an assynt backpack catching the light.

And Assynt is the perfect name for the range. After all, Scotland is our proving ground; it’s where we’re from, where our materials are sourced, and where our bags are made. But Assynt isn’t just another place in Scotland, it’s our place in Scotland: In 2005 The Assynt Foundation bought back 44,000 acres from private ownership to bring it back into public domain; not to monetise it, but simply to give it back to the Scottish people. It’s one of the places in this wonderful country where we can go, and know that it’s ours.

Kieran Duncan carrying an Assynt 28 on a climb in Kalymnos, Greece.

When we send our Assynt backpacks out into the world, that’s what we want to send with them. Whether you’re using an Assynt 17 for your daily commute in the city, or an Assynt 28 for adventures on foreign shores (like Kieran, above), we want you to carry a little bit of Scotland with you and take inspiration from Assynt wherever you go.

Alec Farmer
Alec Farmer

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