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A few weeks ago we got the call from John at Skye Adventure. He was planning to hold a concert on the Isle of Skye. Great, we thought. Sounds amazing. But wait - John wasn't finished -  this isn't just any old gig. The venue wouldn't be a bar, a town hall or even a stadium. The setting for this concert would be the Cuillin Mountain Range. The Concert in a Coire.

That's right. A gig on a mountain.

Well that sealed the deal. We were sold.

Fastforward to last weekend and the 5 hour drive up to Glen Brittle on the Isle of Skye flew past as the landscape turned wilder and wilder. Equipped with the yurt and eager to lend a hand, we got stuck into preparations.

It took a 20 strong team of us to lug the 75kg generator up into the mountains. With that in place, we raced back down to the beach to erect the yurt. It would be serving as the mess tent - a meeting point for all the hungry hikers to feast after the show.

We joined the other spectators on the 2 hour hike up to the enchanting Coire Lagan. Everyone found a perch looking across the crystal clear waters of the lochan to await the performance. The performance itself was a collaboration between violinist George Smith, cellist Duncan Strachan and musician & sound engineer Sam Annand.

Once they got started, it wasn't long before we were all hypnotised by their sound. Snow fell and the beautiful orchestration was the perfect accompaniment to the vast and imposing mountains.

It was only on the hike back down to basecamp that the trance was broken. Warmed by the hearty stew served up at the yurt with local beer from the Cuillin Brewery, we reflected on the event. One we'll be remembering for a long time to come.

Check out this video to get a glimpse of how magical it was.

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