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Every Trakke bag’s name tells a story about one of our favourite places in Scotland - remote sea caves, beautiful Munros, and stunning landscapes. In this post, we thought we’d share a little more about where those names come from.

 So let’s start small, and have a look at the place that inspired the name of our much loved Foulden Packing Cubes.

The Village of Foulden

an architectural image of Foulden village.

When it came to naming our set of packing cubes, we knew they weren’t going to be named after a grand peak, or a famous valley. It was going to be a name that fit with the item – beautiful design, effortless utility, and something that supports the adventure, rather than being front and centre.

So when we looked over the map and saw Foulden, we knew we’d found our name. Scotland may be most famous for the Highlands - walking the West Highland Way, driving the North Coast 500 or hiking the famous Munros - but down in the borders there’s a side of Scotland that is unique unto itself. Small beautiful villages that have stood for centuries, with communities so warm they’ll welcome strangers as if they’re family.

This is where you’ll find the village of Foulden. Just seven miles off the East coast, and centred around a historic 13th century Parish, it’s an area steeped in history. It even had involvement in the execution of Mary Queen of Scots in the 16th century. Today it stands as a monument to the work of famous Scottish architect John Lessels, who oversaw the construction of the whole of Foulden Village.

But why did the name fit exactly? Well, it didn’t hurt that Foulden sounds a bit like “folding”. But whenever we’d lay out our packing cubes to organise for an upcoming adventure, we often joked that it was like a little bag village, waiting to be populated.

What better namesake then, than one of the most understated but beautiful villages in Scotland?

But truth be told, Foulden village isn’t a really a destination on its own. It’s small, and quiet, and nobody is in a rush. In that way it was the perfect name - because just like our packing cubes, it’s not the main adventure, but it fits into the main adventure if you’re passing through.

 So if you’re nearby, we’d recommend taking a little detour on your way to elsewhere. It doesn’t have to be long, even just for a minute. It’s the sort of place that will make you stop, take a breath, and realise that, sure we love the highlands; the peaks, the deer, the rugged terrain. But Scotland isn’t just the wildness and the wet, it’s also the communities and towns that welcome us home.

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