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Our simple, understated designs use materials and components that are time-tested and reliable to create bags that thrive out in the wild – wherever your wilderness may be.

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Handmade in Scotland

When we started Trakke, we realised that if we want manufacturing to come back to Britain, we had to lead by example. That’s why we use as many British materials as possible, and build the best bags we know how.

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Built to Last

Based in Glasgow, the Highlands and Islands are on our doorstep. Scotland is our proving ground, subjecting our bags to sun, rain, snow and hail as we test each of our designs to ensure its reliability and resilience.

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Adventure Diaries: Inshriach Bothy

When I was invited to spend the weekend at Inshriach Bothy, I packed by Krukke with my standard bothy...

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Trakke Sample Sale

As much as we love our bags here at Trakke, we realised how many we had been hoarding at...

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Rouken Glen Cyclocross

Away from the allure of the shiny bikes, glistening bodies and sun scorched tarmac of road racing, there’s a...

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