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by Alec Farmer

A colour says a lot about a person, but choosing a waxed canvas colour that fits your personality and your needs can be tough! Ultimately, it comes down to personal choice - but if you're wondering "Which Colour Should I Choose?" then this advice about our colour range might help you settle on your favourite shade!

Good Luck!


Left: New, Right: Creased - Showing the patina of BlackWaxed Canvas.

It's timeless, it's simple, it's chic. Black goes with everything, and it will never go out of fashion. It's a great choice for professionals who need to look sharp at work - and black waxed canvas doesn't show marks and creases as much as other colours, so it has a more consistent look over time.


Left: New, Right: Creased - Showing the patina of Olive Waxed Canvas.

Olive is a classic colourway. Favoured by farmers, freedom fighters and fashionistas alike, it's got a rich cultural history ranging from the military to agriculture. The shade itself is a dark greeny-brown. We like to think of it as 'smart/casual'. You can dress it up or down, so it's great for all-round use whether you're heading to the office or you're off on an adventure.


Left: New, Right: Creased - Showing the patina of Navy Waxed Canvas.

If you want something relatively plain, but you want a hint of colour, Navy is ideal. The creases show a little bit, giving it a lovely patina as it ages. It's a softer shade than black and olive, so it feels more casual.


Left: New, Right: Creased - Showing the patina of Plum Waxed Canvas.

Plum is one of our favourites. It's a relatively dark shade of purple - pretty close to the colour of an aubergine (that's an eggplant, for our American friends) - and we chose it because it reminds us of the colour of Heather in the Scottish Highlands. Plum really shines when it starts to age - the creases show lighter than the fabric colour, and the effect is beautiful. It's a great choice for those who want to show a bit of flair, and it suits both men and women.


Left: New, Right: Creased - Showing the patina of Crottle Waxed Canvas.

Crottle is a rusty-terracotta colour that was inspired by a trip to Jura in 2015. While we were exploring, we discovered that a lichen (called crottle) grows on the island, and can be used to make a natural dye. This is the colour that the dye produces, and we think it's stunning. It's got more 'pop' than the rest of our range, so it's a more noticeable from a distance without being 'shouty'. The cloth holds a crease nicely, so the patina develops really well over time. It's our colour of choice when we're out in the hills, simply because it's more visible.

General Notes

All of our bags come pre-waxed, so they're weatherproof as soon as they come out of the box.

Waxed Canvas behaves differently from most fabrics you might come across. The fabric itself is dyed a slightly lighter shade than intended, and when the wax is applied it causes the colour to deepen and become more rich, resulting in the final shade and appearance. Over time, as the bag gets used and the wax coating begins to wear off, you'll notice the shade lighten. This is completely normal, and when you re-wax the bag, the colour will darken to the original shade once again.

Alec Farmer
Alec Farmer

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