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By law, we are required to charge Value Added Tax (VAT) to our customers in the UK and EU. 

However, we are not required to charge tax to countries outside of the EU. 

To ensure we show the correct price, our website uses your IP address to establish whether you are required to pay VAT, and automatically adjusts the price displayed. Problems can occur when browsing our site using VPNs or proxy servers, as the incorrect price may be displayed. Please ensure that you browse the website with an IP address that corresponds to the country you are ordering from.

As we are a UK company we can only accept payments in GBP.

We can show you the price in 5 other currencies. Please select the desired currency from the options in the top right side of the page. The website will then display the prices in that currency until you get to the final payment page.


For our 2019 range we have transitioned over to a dry finish waxed canvas, which poses no risk of wax transfer.

For our previous range made in a wet finish waxed canvas, there is a minimal amount of transfer. This, however, happens at such a slow rate that there is no risk of build-up.

Yes. Very. 

We are based in Scotland, so it rains all the time. Our bags are designed to withstand the worst of the weather. Just don't go swimming. 

Our bags are 100% vegan.

Moreover, our waxed cotton canvas and cotton webbing are natural biodegradeable alternatives to synthetic polyester and nylon fabrics.

We have an annual Sample Sale event, usually in February or March, where we sell used items, samples or prototypes. We do not sell these items throughout the year and strictly keep them for this event.


We have a small team, and a lot of customers, so we try and ship all items within 5 working days. All items ship with UPS, and you should receive your tracking number with your dispatch confirmation email.

If for any reason you need to change the delivery address of your order please reply to your order confirmation email with the updated information.

You can cancel your order up to 24 hours after placing your order. We don't accept cancellations after this 24 hour period and the item will be sent to you. Once you receive the item you can start the returns process.

Please note that some orders may be dispatched within 24 hours of the order being placed. If your order has already been dispatched we cannot cancel or refund your order until the item has been returned.

To cancel your order, please reply to your order confirmation email and we'll process your refund as soon as possible.

In short, they don't. We are required to apply tax to orders from the UK and EU, but orders outside the EU aren't taxable. Our website should identify the country you are visiting from and apply taxes accordingly, but sometimes your connection will bounce across servers in other locations, which can make the prices change. Try clearing your cache, reloading the website, or connecting from a different IP address. 

Unfortunately not. We'd love to make one-off pieces, but it takes a huge amount of time and is extremely expensive. As such, we don't accept any custom orders or alterations. 


Please find a list of our stockists here.

We love having visitors to the workshop and it's a great chance for customers to see where their bag is made.

The address can be found on our contact page. Please message with a rough date and time that you'll be visiting. We are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We are closed over the weekend.


First things first, you should never (we repeat, NEVER) machine wash your bag. 

For full instructions on how to clean and reproof your bag, please visit our product aftercare page here.

It depends on how much you use it, and in what kind of conditions, but typically we recommend that you re-proof your bag every 8-12 months. 

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