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Reproofing your waxed canvas item is a necessary step in keeping it weatherproof. Far from being a fault, it's a natural consequence of the wax rubbing off over time, and a great reminder that unlike synthetic plastic based fabrics, cotton is a natural fibre that will benefit from a little care and attention.

The time taken between reproofing depends heavily on use, but we recommend between 6 months and a year.

Our heritage wet finish waxed canvas was sold up until April 2019, and is reproofed with our solid wax reproofing bar.


How To Reproof Waxed Canvas: Wet Finish

Step 1: Clean Your Bag

tools to clean waxed canvas

You can view our guide on how to clean your waxed canvas bag here. It's best to remove surface stains before applying a new coating of wax, so as to ensure even distribution and absorption.

Step 2: Assemble Your Tools

how to reproof waxed canvas

You will need:

1 x Hairdryer

1 x Clean dry cloth

1 x Tin reproofing wax

Step 3: Apply Wax To your bag using the cloth

applying waxed canvas to a bag

Don't worry about making it even, we'll deal with this later.

Step 4: distribute the wax evenly across the cloth with a hairdryer

distributing wax with a hairdryer

Use the hairdryer to apply heat directly onto the bag. You'll see the wax melting into the cloth. Use a cloth to distribute it evenly, paying close attention to seams.


Step 5: Dry Overnight

waxed canvas drying after reproofing
  After applying the wax, leave your bag overnight to allow the waxed to return to room temperature, and solidify into the physical barrier that will keep the contents safe.

Step 6: Test In Torrential Rain

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